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A Century Of Sessions


Mal Davies

A Century Of Sessions


In 2006, the Australia Southern Territory Archives and Museum released a book titled Officer Cadets 1940–1999 featuring sessional photos of cadets. It was compiled by Lieut-Colonels Walter Hull and John Kirkham, with the support of territorial archivist Lindsay Cox.

Prompted by the closing of the Training College at 303 Royal Parade, Parkville – where officers have been trained for the past 35 years – and its relocation to modern premises in Ringwood in 2015, Salvo Publishing has now updated and expanded the 2006 volume.

This book includes sessional photos from the past 100 years – celebrating a century of dedicated service. It also includes names of training principals, messages from recent training principals, and a more substantial history of the territory’s training colleges than in the 2006 volume.

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