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Cuppa Tea Digger


Lindsay Cox

Cuppa Tea Digger


Subtitled ‘Salvos Serving In World War Two’, the book is a 25-year labour of love based largely on more than 180 oral histories of Diggers and Salvos’ philanthropic Red Shield War Services (RSWS) who were there ‘on the ground’, in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East. That includes the last stop before the ‘Brisbane line’, the arm-wrestle with Japanese forces on the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea.

The 240-page, hard-cover book comes with 300 brilliant photos, a knowledgeable foreword from General Sir Peter Cosgrove, and the writer’s insights into the costs of battle. This book accurately captures the intergenerational, courageous service that led Australians to fully embrace the Salvos as a fair dinkum mob worth supporting. (230pp)

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