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I’ll Stand For Christ Thoughts On Salvation & Holiness


Mal Davies (ED.)

I’ll Stand For Christ Thoughts On Salvation & Holiness


What are the key aspects of how a member of The Salvation Army should live the Christian life?

We are an army of salvation and we are a holiness movement. We seek salvation for all people and encourage all believers to lice holy lives, fully committed to God.

This book focuses on the themes of salvation and holiness by revisiting original writings by William and Catherine Booth. These articles and excerpts have been gathered from early issues of The War Cry and The Salvationist and selected books by the founder.

In an era when people are struggling to identify what they stand for and the moral landscape of society seems to be built on shifting sand, the church needs to stand up and provide moral, societal and spiritual leadership.

This book will inspire you with the passion and fervour of our Founders, and encourage you to declare: “I’ll stand for Christ”. (153pp)

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