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The Master’s Plan


Graham Durston

The Master’s Plan


Earle and Wilma Maxwell were a force for God. Called to be Salvation Army officers from a young age, they enlivened and enriched the spiritual lives of thousands of people throughout the world over five decades of service together.

The Master’s Plan traces the Maxwells’ journey from their early ministry years as corps officers in Australia, to their time at International Headquarters in the 1990s, when Earle served as the Chief of the Staff and Wilma as the World Secretary for Women’s Organisations.

The stories told within grant us a glimpse of the vitality and strength of the Maxwells’ commitment to serving God, whether collecting donations on a motorcycle in outback Australia to guiding The Salvation Army through the weeks of a serious coup d’etat in the Philippines. You will be inspired and encouraged by the paths of service God placed before them and discover the truth of Earle’s steadfast conviction that, “The Master’s Plan is the master plan.” (151pp)

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