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Book Review – Sensational Grace by Commissioner Jolene K. Hodder

Giving yourself time for God to speak into your daily walk with him is a theme of Commissioner Jolene Hodder’s book, Sensational Grace.

For the Dr Who fans out there, you would be familiar with the Tardis, Dr Who’s time-travelling mode of transport. The compactness of the outside appearance of the Tardis betrays the vastness of what is revealed on the inside as you step through its doors. And so, it was when I picked up this 73-page book and began reading and discovered the vastness of what was written on the pages contained within.

Sensational Grace, not unlike the Tardis, takes us on a time-travelling journey through Commissioner Jolene Hodder’s life as she shares 31 moments in time that have impacted her life and the lives of those around her.

Commissioner Jolene Hodder is serving as USA National Secretary for Program in Alexandria, Virginia.

She has taken her ordinary everyday life and, through her relationship with Jesus, has turned these moments into extraordinary encounters, as she shares the love of Jesus in the everyday. Through stories of song, nature, and even fertiliser, we get an insight into a life well lived.

Each story is a one-page insight into her life and ministry, preceded by a quote and followed by a relevant Bible verse and space to write your own reflection on how this short story has impacted you in the moment.

Sensational Grace is a delightful journey that can be used as a daily devotional, inspiration for a sermon, a group study, or just to brighten up your day as you allow God to speak into your daily walk with him. I hope you enjoy these short stories as much as I did.

Sensational Grace is available at this site: click here or here

* Captain Steven Haworth is the Area Officer – Sydney, NSW/ACT Division


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