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• Celebrating children and youth

Young people in Zimbabwe celebrating International Day of Children and Youth.

The Salvation Army around the world celebrated the International Day of Children and Youth on Sunday 30 April.

The day is not just an opportunity to pray for children and young people, but also to create space for them to participate in every aspect of The Salvation Army’s mission. It is about giving them a voice and a stage. It is about celebrating their presence, power and potential.

The Salvation Army believes that, “Although children are developing, they are, at the same time, whole and complete human beings. God calls each individual human being into a real relationship and to a real vocation, not a potential vocation somewhere in the future.

“This means we see children and young people as full, active members of the Body of Christ, equally important as anyone else.”

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Below is a selection of photos from around The Salvation Army world showing various corps and centres celebrating International Day of Children and Youth.


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