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Moneycare manager interviewed on Channel 7 Morning Show

Kristen Harnett, Salvation Army Moneycare National Manager, appeared recently on the Channel 7 Morning Show to discuss the Salvos’ new book on preparing financially for a natural disaster.

Kristen Harnett, National Moneycare Manager, recently appeared on the Channel 7 Morning Show to talk about Moneycare’s new digital book, Planning for the Unplanned: Are you financially ready for a natural disaster?

Morning Show hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies asked Kristen about the book, how it can help people financially prepare for a natural disaster, and the role of The Salvation Army in disaster response and relief.

“I am grateful to Channel 7 for helping us share the things that you can do to financially navigate natural disasters,” Kristen said.

“In Planning for the Unplanned, we learn from people who have actually done this. They are equally courageous, resourceful and generous. These people navigated significant loss in many ways, yet they were still willing to share their story to help others.”

Natural disasters of any kind, from devastating bushfires to flash-flooding to years of drought, are destructive, debilitating and can have life-long consequences. For people impacted by them, the heartache, disruption, trauma and financial loss can be overwhelming.

“There are some things that you can do to protect yourself,” Kristen explained. “These include creating a ‘go bag’ with the essential items outlined in the book, checking your insurance policies and understanding what they cover, and having an asset register.

“What isn’t always obvious is the protective factor that relationships provide: good connections with family, friends and neighbours. The local community also makes a big difference, as does mindset.”

Planning for the Unplanned aims to help people develop their own plan for being prepared for such an event. As Kristen explained, it also shares the personal stories of several people who experienced recent bushfires and floods; the impact it had on them financially and emotionally, and how The Salvation Army assisted them to get back on their feet.

This publication is more of a guidebook, supporting people as they develop their own plans for getting prepared. It includes tips from some of the Moneycare financial counsellors who are part of a team that has helped thousands of people gain control of their finances for over three decades.

To download the book, and for more information on Moneycare, click here.


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