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Christmas ‘love bomb’ in the main street of a small town

The Cuppy Supper Club (from left) writing cards, some of the cupcakes ready for delivery, and cupcake-making in progress.

They don’t call it the ‘silly season’ for nothing. Christmas is a busy time of year. So, when God placed a request upon the hearts of a group of Salvo and Baptist Christians to bless their community with a massive act of love, they leaned into faith that he would provide time and energy needed to pull it off.




The ‘Cuppy Supper Club’ is a small-group church that meets on Wednesday nights in Helensburgh, a small town surrounded by a national park south of Sydney.


A partnership between The Salvation Army and the local Baptist Church, the group has met in The Cupbearer Café in the heart of the town after hours for the past two years. 

Vickie and Baptist minister Brad making cupcakes.

Participants read the Bible with one another, chat about faith and life, and do mission together.


A few weeks ago, God placed a request on the heart of one of the Cuppy Supper Clubbers, Margaret Mary Bennett, to bless businesses on the town’s main street for their ongoing service to the local community.


“I just got a nudge from God,” she said. So, she shared it with the group that Wednesday and the idea gained traction ... a week later, the Cuppy Supper Club met early, some inviting friends along to help, to “love-bomb” more than 50 businesses with Christmas-themed cupcakes and hand-written cards.


“What do I like about the Cuppy Supper Club?” said Margaret. “I like the fellowship and the friendship. It’s a little bit of everything – faith, fun and frolics!” 

Rachel has a gift of cake decorating and created beautiful Christmas artwork on cupcakes.

Fellow Cuppy Supper Clubber, Rachel, has a gift of cake decorating and brought along her piping bags to create Christmas works of art on top of the pre-baked cupcakes. “I love that our little group is able to do little things to bless the community and make people smile,” she said. “Retail is hard at this time of the year, so we are going to bless them.”


One of the unique things about the Cuppy Supper Club small-group church is that it acts like a family on mission together. Every few weeks, Bibles are closed, and the group does an activity that makes a difference in the lives of others.

Some weeks, Cuppy Supper Clubbers have written Amnesty International letters; other weeks, the group has gone prayer-walking, other times, a meal is cooked and packaged for delivery to people in the town who are going through a hard time.


“I love this group,” said Rachel. “I love the variety of people we have here. It’s all-encompassing – anyone can come and feel loved and comfortable. It’s a safe place.”

Natalie (left) came along to the Cuppy Supper Club small-group church for the first time, invited by her friend Suellen to participate in the ‘love bomb’ mission.


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