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• Claudia earns Eva scholarship

Eva Burrows Scholarship winner Claudia Cummins.

The 2022 Eva Burrows Australian Leadership Scholarship has been awarded to Claudia Cummins.

Claudia is the Safe House Program Manager at The Salvation Army’s Trafficking and Slavery Safe House in Sydney, NSW. She supports and works closely with survivors of modern slavery, including trafficking, forced labour, debt bondage, domestic servitude and forced marriage. As survivors recover from exploitation experiences, Claudia and her team work to restore safety and autonomy and help them build new independent lives.

With the scholarship, Claudia will undertake studies for a Graduate Diploma in Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney. This relatively new course includes an opportunity for students to develop a unique piece of research or fieldwork. Claudia’s chosen project will be related to the anti-slavery work she will be doing with The Salvation Army.

“Although I have learnt about the impacts of modern slavery and the support needs of victim-survivors from my work at the Safe House, I hope to gain deeper knowledge on the matter from a legal and business perspective which will enhance my subject matter expertise,” Claudia said.

“I am looking forward to making the time and space to think more deeply about some of the complex challenges I have seen in anti-slavery work and hope to find new ways of addressing these issues.”

To read a Q&A with Claudia, click here


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