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Commissioner Miriam Gluyas steps into chair role at High Council as candidates are named

Candidates for General – (from left) Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham, Commissioner Kenneth Hodder, Colonel Diana Macdonald and Commissioner Merle Heatwole.

Commissioner Miriam Gluyas, Australia Territorial Commander, has been appointed Chair of the Questions Committee at the 2023 High Council taking place in London.

Miriam took up the role after the original Chair, Commissioner Merle Heatwole (Territorial Commander, Latin America North), stepped down when he was nominated as a candidate for General.

Commissioner Miriam Gluyas at the High Council with Commissioner Giselle Gowans, wife of former General, the late John Gowans.

Miriam’s role will be to oversee question time tomorrow morning (Friday) when the High Council meets to hear speeches from the four candidates for General who accepted nominations yesterday. The candidates and their spouses will give their speeches and answer questions from the High Council members. The Council prepares approx 15 questions for the candidate and five for the spouse (where appropriate).

Accepting the nomination to be candidates yesterday were:

• Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham (Chief of the Staff) • Commissioner Merle Heatwole (Territorial Commander, Latin America North) • Commissioner Kenneth Hodder (National Commander, United States of America) • Colonel Diana Macdonald (Territorial Commander, Pakistan Territory)

Commissioner Keith Conrad (Zonal leader and International Secretary, Africa Zone, International Headquarters) was also nominated but – although humbled and appreciative of the nomination by his fellow High Council members – for varying reasons declined.

With the acceptance of nomination by Commissioner Kenneth Hodder, it has been necessary for him to step down as President of the High Council. A new President has subsequently been appointed – Commissioner Brad Bailey (Territorial Commander, USA Central Territory).

Please continue to pray for the 2023 High Council during these sacred and significant days. Your prayers deeply encourage, enrich, and bless The High Council members. Find resources and a prayer guide for personal, small group or corps (church) prayer at

A full list of High Council members can be found here


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