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• Doorways anniversary in Wagga

The Wagga Wagga Doorways team have had a big impact on the community in their first year.

“It doesn’t seem like a year since the Doorways team came in and transformed our lives here in the Riverina, but we thank God for them every day,” said Auxiliary-Lieutenants David and Valerie Hopewell, Wagga Wagga Corps Officers.


“The team came in as a pilot program and were an answer to many prayers and a testimony to the faithfulness of God. They are doing an amazing job, networking with the other service providers and seeing many community members each day.”


And needs are many in Wagga. Like many areas throughout the country, there is a rental crisis, energy costs are high, the price of groceries continues to rise, and the impact of extreme temperatures.


Through Doorways, Wagga Wagga locals and those from smaller communities around the Riverina can access emergency relief, casework, referrals and the low-cost pantry.


Here at the corps, we have been able to collaborate with the Doorways team and refer to each other, creating ‘faith pathways’ to transform lives,” said the Hopewells. “Literal life-changing interactions have occurred as a result of this gifted, hardworking and dedicated team.”




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