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Everyone has the capacity to Believe in Good

Greetings friends,

The Salvos are made of people who believe! Many of us believe in God. All of us believe in doing good that brings hope and transforms lives.

At the formation of one national territory, a strategic initiative was set by Leadership and the Board to refresh and modernise the brand language and presentation of The Salvation Army. Over the past year or so, we have progressed well to this aim and are now ready to take the next exciting steps, which will see this work shared with you all and the Australian community.

While we might be uncomfortable with thinking of ourselves as a ‘brand’, it is how many in the community view us. And as a movement, it is critical that we seek to refresh and modernise our presentation so that we can connect with new groups in the community who may not have been aware of us before.

Very soon, you will see our new brand expression, Believe in Good, popping up around you and the community. Believe in Good has been created with the whole Army in mind; it’s something that everyone in the community can participate in, and it’s a platform to start to talk about who we are as a movement. Everyone has the capacity to believe in good.

Belief for The Salvation Army is at our very core – our belief in Jesus and the transformational power of hope that comes through faith is seen and brought to life every day across Australia. As Psalm 27:13 (ISV) says, we believe we will see God’s kingdom on earth:

“I believe that I will see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living” (Psalm 27:13 ISV).

Unlike expressions like Thank God for the Salvos, which were embraced by many but created to support our fundraising appeals, Believe in Good speaks to us all. And right now, in a world where people are suffering and the escalating cost of living crisis continues, it’s important that we not only have something we stand by but something uplifting and positive for our community to connect with and participate in.

This is new ground for The Salvation Army in Australia – never before have we had something to unite us all nationally and represented that consistently in the eyes of the community.

All the Believe in Good resources you may need are available in the new mySalvos toolkit. Our new TV Commercial will be airing on Sunday 27 August and will be available for download in the toolkit the following week.

I encourage you to embrace the Believe in Good resources in the toolkit in your day-to-day work and share them with your teams!

Every blessing,

Colonel Rodney S Walters

Secretary for Communications


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