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• High Council officers elected

High Council officers have been elected. From left, Commissioner Eva Kleman who will serve as vice-president, Commissioner Kenneth Hodder as president, and Commissioner Yusak Tampai as chaplain.

The Salvation Army’s 20th High Council meeting at Sunbury Court near London commenced on Monday 22 May 2023. The sole purpose of the High Council is to elect the successor to General Brian Peddle, who retires at midnight on 2 August 2023.

After the service to welcome the High Council and officially farewell General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, The Chief of the Staff, Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham, called the High Council to order and moved to the required legal preliminaries. These included confirming that the High Council was convened in accordance with the 1980 Salvation Army Act, and taking a roll call to ensure that only those who were summoned were in the chamber.

The opening procedures were followed, leading to the election of three High Council officers who will serve for the duration of the council. Commissioner Kenneth Hodder (National Commander, United States of America) was elected as President and Commissioner Eva Kleman (Zonal Leader/Zonal Secretary for Women’s Ministries, Europe – International Headquarters) was elected as Vice-President. Commissioner Yusak Tampai (Territorial Commander, Indonesia Territory) was elected as Chaplain.

The remainder of the day was given to reviewing the Orders of Procedure, which will guide the conducting of High Council business throughout its duration.

To watch a video of the day’s proceedings, click here.

Follow updates from the High Council here.


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