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Lauriee shows her true colours at Maryborough community event

Oh no ... not the white uniform! Maryborough Corps Officer Major Lauriee Arthur after taking part in the children’s colour run.

Reconnecting with ex-Salvos and watching Major Lauriee Arthur join the colour run in her white uniform were two highlights of the community engagement event held in Maryborough (Qld) on 15 April, according to Lieutenant Peter Hardy, Fraser Coast Salvos team member.

“The event was a great community connection point, a chance to reconnect and have great conversations,” said Peter.

One of those conversations involved a man who used to play in the corps band before leaving to serve in the Navy. “We had a lovely chat, and I told him he is always welcome at the corps,” Peter said.

The whole uniform is headed for the washing machine!

When the colour run was announced, Lauriee decided to join the children. “She just went for it, white shirt and all,” Peter exclaimed.

The local neighbourhood centre contacted Maryborough Corps [which is part of Fraser Coast Salvos along with Hervey Bay Corps] to supply food for the community event.

The corps set up its gazebo and mobile barbeque trailer and served 288 sausage sizzles and 20 donated Dominos pizzas. There was also an information table where volunteers distributed Kidzone magazines, stamps and stickers and chatted with community members about the Salvos and what they do.

“I’m just so impressed by our corps volunteers because we can’t do such events without them,” Peter said. “Hopefully, it’s a great starting point for many more great outreach opportunities and getting our name out in the public arena.”

Maryborough Corps volunteers feed and engage with local community members.


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