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• International disaster training

Damaris Frisk, director, Salvation Army International Emergency Services, leads a training session in Warsaw, Poland.

Damaris Frisk, Salvation Army International Emergency Services (IES) director, led a ‘Prepare’ training session in Poland this week for 30 delegates from the Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

The mission of IES is to provide support and assistance to territories, regions and other countries affected by disaster and conflict around the world. The IES teams work in partnership with local Salvos and other organisations to raise awareness of their vision and provide support, coordination and facilitation of programs, training and resources.

Australian officer Captain Kathleen Johansson, who now serves in Riga, Latvia (Sweden and Latvia Territory), was one of the delegates. “I’ve wanted to get a look into how The Salvation Army is organised to work in response to disasters and other emergency situations for a very long time,” she said. “So, this is like a little dream come true.”

Captain Oleg Samoilenko, who serves in Warsaw, Poland (Germany, Lithuania and Poland Territory), also said the training “brought me one step closer to one of my dreams – taking part in a Salvation Army IES mission.”


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