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God answers questions as Victoria Division ‘recasts the net’

Commissioner Miriam Gluyas leads a time of prayer and worship at the divisional gathering in Melbourne

“How many do you think will come?” “Do you think people even want this kind of thing anymore?”

These were some of the questions being asked as we considered the possibility of a divisional gathering in Victoria.

In a leap of faith, we decided to go for it and booked a venue with a seating capacity of 1200 people. And then we started praying, hoping and praying that people would get on board and come along.

To our delight, more than 1000 people did come along, and we had the most amazing time of worship and fellowship, sharing plans and hopes for the future.

Cousin Koala entertained children during the event.

Over 150 children were present and engaged in worship with us. Having been greeted at the door by Cousin Koala, lots of bubbles and a team of the most wonderful children’s leaders, each child received a showbag that included activities relevant to the day’s theme. It really was an event for all generations.

Recasting the Net has been our divisional theme for over 12 months as we continue exploring new ways of being the church in our communities.

We were inspired by our divisional leader, Colonel Kelvin Merrett, and each of the area officers as they presented a compelling image of hope for the future.

We sang our hearts out as the worship team, comprised of people from across different corps in the division, led us in song.

We delighted in the prayers and participation of our children and youth. We celebrated diversity with translation services being offered to some of our non-English speaking participants and Auslan interpreters being present for those with hearing impairments.

We shared our boxed lunches – yes, all 1000 of us!

We were encouraged by Territorial Commander Commissioner Miriam Gluyas, who brought us a courageous message about Jesus and how the walls of the temple or synagogue did not confine him.

More than 1000 packed the auditorium for the Recasting the Net divisional gathering in Victoria.

But most of all, we were blessed by the presence of the Holy Spirit, who moved us, opened our hearts and affirmed our sincere hopes and desires for the Victorian Division of The Salvation Army.

In a beautifully uninhibited way, people came forward and gathered to pray with and for each other.

“How many do you think will come?” The answer? Many, many will come.

“Do you think people even want this kind of thing anymore?” Yes … yes, they do! Because we are better together, and wherever we gather, whether in a crowd of 1000 or a tiny group of two or three, there also is our God!

*Major Brenda Young is the Assistant Divisional Commander for Victoria

Click on slideshow below to see more photos of the event:


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