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Army of ADCO workers transform Salvo centres

ADCO volunteers construct new play equipment at a Salvation Army accommodation service in Sydney during a recent company ‘Give Back’ day.


A recent ‘give back’ day by employees of Australian Building Construction Company (ADCO) has revitalised a number of Salvation Army centres in inner Sydney.

ADCO Constructions is an Australian-owned construction company that values community engagement. The company’s staff commit more than 1000 hours to support local communities every year. Last month, a team visited several inner-Sydney Salvation Army centres.

ADCO volunteers constructing new beds at a Salvation Army accommodation service in inner Sydney.

“Community is an integral part of the ADCO story, and for over 50 years, we have actively engaged with charities, community groups and like-minded businesses to create a positive impact across Australia,” said ADCO Managing Director Neil Harding.

At The Salvation Army’s Samaritan House service for women experiencing homelessness, ADCO volunteers undertook repairs and constructed new furniture and a barbeque for the outdoor area.

At the Army’s Foster House service for men experiencing homelessness, the team removed old furniture and constructed new furniture and undertook repairs. And a transitional accommodation service for women and children received a backyard upgrade, with ADCO volunteers constructing play equipment and garden beds.

Lorraine Ingram is The Salvation Army’s regional Family and Domestic Violence manager. She said the ADCO team were incredible – “we are still amazed by how much was achieved!”

ADCO volunteers remove old furniture from a Salvation Army accommodation service in inner Sydney during a company ‘Give Back’ day.

The ADCO volunteers were able to build an entire children’s play centre at our women and children’s refuge,” she said. “The team worked diligently through the sun and the driving rain to provide a safe, happy space for our children to freely play, laugh and enjoy an outdoor space that came to life thanks to the team at ADCO.”

“[At] our women’s refuge, it was such a wonderful surprise to have a brand-new barbeque bought and set up for us on the rooftop too – we are very excited for all the food-based activities we can put on with the women now that we have this very generous donation from the team.”

The ADCO team also spent time at The Salvation Army’s Foster House for men experiencing homelessness.

The Inner City Homelessness Services Team Leader, Clancey Rae, said everyone was thrilled with the results: “ADCO supported us in achieving goals that were financially unobtainable for our service. ADCO engaged compassionately and professionally with our team and the people we support.”


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