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• First all-girl soccer team

The first Salvation Army all-girls soccer team in Cambodia, with local and international leaders. Australian officer, Commissioner Robyn Maxwell, is second from left, back row.

The Salvation Army in Cambodia now has its first all-girl soccer team.

The team is made up of girls linked with The Salvation Army in Cambodia. A thriving ministry, the work in Cambodia shows a Salvation Army that is full of faith, passionate for Jesus and clear in its mission to serve others.

On a recent visit, Australian officers, Commissioners Robyn and Wayne Maxwell, Zonal Leaders for South Pacific and East Asia, shared with Korean territorial leadership in a visit to new and vibrant ministries of The Salvation Army in Cambodia.

As well as meeting the all-girls soccer team, the international visitors also worshipped with the people of Phnom Penh Corps and visited the Pepper Farm which financially supports the ministry in Cambodia.

Leadership continues to pray that the girls will keep on building each other up in Christ as they break down the unfair, unjust and unnecessary societal expectations of this world.


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