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Celebrating children and youth

Join us in celebrating the presence, power and promise of children and young people within The Salvation Army! 

Every year The Salvation Army celebrates the International Day of Children and Young People on the last Sunday of April. In 2024, this is Sunday 28 April.

The International Salvation Army Children and Youth team believe that the day is not just an opportunity to pray for children and young people, but also “to create space for them to participate in every aspect of our mission. It is about giving them a voice and a stage.”

An online event celebrating the International Day of Children and Young People will take place on 27 April 2024 at 1pm UK time. Hosted by young people in the Philippines, this event will feature the introduction of the theme song and a message from General Lyndon Buckingham about the theme of ‘Grow’.

“Be inspired by the voices of young people as they share their experiences and insights on the importance of growth of children and young people around the world,” the team shared. “Let’s come together to celebrate the potential and promise of the next generation, and the power of young people to create positive change in the world.


Creative competition

 “We will also launch our international creative competition. Get ready to sing, dance, and draw your way to victory. Whether you are alone or in a group, whether you sing, dance, draw or make an animated film; this is your chance to shine! 


“We believe that although children are developing, they are also whole and complete human beings. God calls each individual human being into a real relationship and to a real vocation, not a potential vocation in the future. 

“This means we see children and young people as full, active members of the Body of Christ, equally important as anyone else.  

“This year we will focus on the miracle of growth. Did you ever see a flower grow? Or a baby? Or maybe a dog or cat? It is just amazing to see growth! 

“The Bible talks a lot about growth. The materials for this year feature Bible stories which show us what we need to grow spiritually and how God will build his Kingdom. It's amazing to see how God's Spirit enables all of us to grow our love for God and for others so we can shine as bright lights in this world. 


“We hope the Grow theme brings you joy, inspires you, makes you think and encourages you to have conversations with your friends and family.

“We challenge every child and young person to step up and speak up. Use the talents and gifts God gave you to inspire and serve others. Use your imagination and creativity; you have something to share with the world!


“We challenge every adult to create space for children and young people to lead and inspire others. Let’s encourage and empower the younger generations to grow and reach their full potential!”


Resources available

This year the materials have been created by the Korea Territory. A team of talented and passionate leaders under the supervision of captains Sung-Eun Jo and Yun-Taeg Kim have created materials for all ages:

·       a fantastic theme song with a real K-pop sound

·       a Bible-reading rap

·       a meeting plan and sermon outline

·       intergenerational devotions

·       activities, icebreakers and questions for different age groups.

There are also instructional videos to help you make the most of all the materials.

Download all the materials as PDFs and Word files that can be edited – in a range of languages. Graphics are included to promote the International Day of Children and Young People on your social channels. 

For more information, click here.

Check out the video all about this event!




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