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Commissioners Maxwell visit ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ for territorial review

Commissioners Wayne and Robyn Maxwell, centre, with Territorial Leaders, Colonels Stephen and Wendy Morris, left and Lieuts-Colonel Tamotsu and Kazue Nishimura (Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries).

Australian officers, Commissioners Wayne and Robyn Maxwell – International Secretary for the South Pacific and East Asia Zone (SPEA) and Secretary for Women’s Ministries respectively – recently spent 12 days in the Japan Territory as part of a territorial review.

The Maxwells shared Palm Sunday with the Suginami Corps and Easter Sunday with the Tenma Corps and attended the Keihanshin Area United Rally.

These young people from Suginami enjoyed their opportunity to share from their hearts.

The review in Japan included a tour of the Suginami area, including Booth Memorial Hospital; time at the Keisen Home for the Aged; visiting a children’s home and other Salvation Army programs at Hiroshima, and sharing news from around the SPEA zone at a number of meetings including the orientation for new employees in social welfare and medical ministries.


Commissioners Maxwell also met with four focus groups during their stay – youth, local officers, officers and women.

The Maxwells with Major Daniel Templeman Twells and Lieut-Colonel Tamotsu Nishimura with the school's newest flag.

The Maxwells visited the Officer Training School, where fellow Australian officer Major Daniel Templeman Twells is the Training Principal. The flag representing the most recent training session will soon be hung in the school’s hall.

“It was so good to see so many social ministries and share with dedicated officers, soldiers, employees and passionate young people,” said Robyn. “It was an added blessing to spend time with Territorial Leaders Colonels Stephen and Wendy Morris, and Lieuts-Colonel Tamotsu and Kazue Nishimura (Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries).

Snapshot of the Japan Territory

Officers 154 (61 active, 93 retired), cadets 3, employees 1103, corps 41, outposts 12, senior soldiers 2178, adherents 32, junior soldiers 174, divisions 4.

The Salvation Army in Japan is focused on its corps and members, its medical work (two hospitals), social work (women’s homes, children’s homes, day nurseries, men’s social centre, rehabilitation centre, homes for the aged, child and family support and in-home support).

For more photos from the Maxwells’ visit, click on slideshow below.







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