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Cadets getting ready for their commissioning (from left) David Delany, Leeanne Pattison, Edward Conteh, Vikki Song and Beola Conteh.

The Ordination, Commissioning and Sending Out of the Defenders of Justice and Reflectors of Holiness will be held over the last weekend in November.

Please mark the following dates and times in your calendars for this significant event in the lives of our soon-to-be-commissioned cadets.

Cadet Leeanne Pattison (Defenders of Justice) will be commissioned on Friday 24 November at Adelaide City Salvos (7.30pm).

Cadets Edward and Beola Conteh (Defenders of Justice), David Delany (Reflectors of Holiness) and Vikki Song (Reflectors of Holiness) will be commissioned on Sunday 26 November at Auburn Corps (10.30am).

Online links will be available closer to the date.


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