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• Creative Arts Festival video

The Salvation Army's International Creative Arts Festival has highlighted the breadth of creative talent around the global Army world.

The Salvation Army International has released a video showcasing “incredible talents” from around the world who participated in the Army’s International Creative Arts Festival.

“From dancers to musicians, painters to animators, we’ve received an overwhelming number of submissions that will leave you inspired and in awe,” organisers shared.

“We are thrilled to share the creativity and passion of our Salvation Army family from Chile to Slovakia, Ghana to India, and beyond. These videos represent the immense talent within our community, and each one tells a captivating story of young individuals leaving their mark through their chosen art form.”

International jury members included professional dancer Kellyn Mylechreest from the USA East Territory, James Hohoy (Territorial Youth Secretary and exceptional singer) from Indonesia and Nallely Rivera (Territorial Youth Secretary, artist and Instagram influencer) from Mexico.

The jury evaluated the submissions based on creativity, originality, connection to the theme ‘Footprints’, and the involvement of children and young people.

The view the video click here, or see below.


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