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Every Salvo can ‘make it happen’ for the Solomon Islands

The Fassifern Family Store in Boonah (Qld) held a successful Devonshire tea and accompanying fashion parade to raise funds for the Making It Happen fundraising project.


Salvos are being encouraged to dust off those dancing shoes or cook a prawn on the barbie – all for a worthy cause!

The fundraising drive for The Salvation Army’s Making It Happen project is now in full swing, aimed at raising $120,000 to build and furnish a home in the Solomon Islands for corps officers that would also function as a missional hub for Salvos and a space for the wider community.

And Salvos need not put their thinking caps on when planning to raise some dollars.

Fun and creative fundraising ideas have already been created as part of the project’s online ‘mySalvos Toolkit’ – from organising a learn-to-dance night, trivia night, after-church barbeque and fete/family fun day through to a trivia night, silent auction, cake decorating evening, car wash, talent show and bake sale.

The project’s mySalvos Toolkit – ‘Making It Happen - Mission in the Solomon Islands’ – also features resources that Salvos can access, from event flyers and posters to information sheets and Making It Happen Sunday leader’s notes.

One Salvo Family Store that got right behind the fundraising campaign with great aplomb was the Fassifern Family Store in Boonah (Qld).

A Devonshire tea, complete with marshmallows thrown in for sweet measure, plus an accompanying fashion parade, raised about $1700 for the project held at the Kalbar Salvation Army hall with 100 people in attendance. It was a great success.

“We had extra nice stuff,” said Donna Johnson-Byrne, Fassifern Family Store Manager. “The event was organised by the family store. We build a stockpile during the year for the fashion parade. What we don’t sell goes back into the store.”

A colourful array of new women’s and men’s clothing of all sizes, plus an assortment of other accessories and items from shoes and linen to baby clothing, featured at the event – at family store prices, of course – so scoring a fantastic buy was part of the fun.

The fundraiser was an entire team effort, with the store volunteers supporting the worthy cause. Volunteers and the male drivers who drove the Salvos trucks served the women and men attendees at the tables so they could just sit, relax and have fun. They also helped set up and wash dishes.

Appointing fashion models for the event was an easy task. Two high school students and sisters, who volunteer at the store, modelled the women’s clothing, while those attending ranged from people who booked tables every year to those who come by themselves to meet and socialise with people, friendship groups, and Mums and Bubs. And it was all word of mouth.

“We have people who bring their grandmothers or their older mother with them, who normally wouldn’t go out to a high tea or something like that because it’s too much of a hassle, so this is really laid back and fun. It’s like being with your family – it’s the feeling we like to portray,” said Donna. “Everyone knows everyone, and if you don’t know your cousins from three generations ago, you soon will when it’s done!”

Donna said they had held a fashion parade for the past seven years to raise funds for various campaigns, with the last few years supporting the Making It Happen projects.

Getting involved

Making It Happen Project Coordinator Major Rowena Smith encouraged everybody to come on board with the fundraising drive that runs until the end of 2024, when they hope to reach their target of $120,000. She said there were many ways to engage with the campaign, including accessing a QR code for individual donations. Salvos Stores are also involved with the campaign.

Corps are encouraged to hold a special Making It Happen Sunday in the next 12 months to raise awareness about the project, incorporating prayer and an offering for this year’s project. It could be run on any date.

Rowena said a positive aspect of the project was that local labourers in the Solomon Islands would be involved in building the corps officer residence, thereby helping its economy and local employment, especially young apprentices.

She further added that the home would be used for corps officers and a place where others were welcomed as part of the local culture and where gatherings were held to support people through hospitality.

Fundraising ideas, promotional materials, and resources for a Making It Happen Sunday are available at If you have any questions regarding the project, you can email the team at


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