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From one Lewis to another – making valid points about life

Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi (left) and Christian author CS Lewis – looking for meaning.


Some singers arrive gradually. They build a following based on live performances, often busking or playing in pubs, and then they do some self-funded recording and try to attract sales. Others arrive in a hurry and are famous quickly. It’s like one moment you’d never heard of them, and the next moment, they are a fixture in the music scene and celebrity circles.


Lewis Capaldi is one of the latter. The Scottish singer-songwriter, with a wonderful voice and delivery, released his first single, Bruises, in March 2017. In November 2018, he released Someone You Loved … and was nominated for a Grammy!


The song was the biggest-selling UK single of 2019, reaching number one on the US charts and being a hit in more than two dozen other countries.


Other number-one UK singles followed – Before You Go in 2020 and Forget Me in 2022 – and last year, he released Pointless.


The song is a lovely ballad – a man singing about how his partner and he care and provide for each other: I bring her coffee in the morning/ She brings me inner peace/ I take her out to fancy restaurants/ She takes the sadness out of me/ I make her cards on her birthday/ She makes me a better man/ I take her water when she’s thirsty/ She takes me as I am.’


It’s a song about a couple who seem to know and love and support each other, and he recognises the value of that when he sings, in each chorus: ‘Everything is pointless without you.’


Most people have felt the same about someone else. Whether it’s a romantic partner or your child or a best friend or a parent – there’s someone we’ve known who helps make life complete. Without them, well, the rest just seems pointless.


For millions of people in the world today, they say the same about Jesus. In fact, Christian writer and Oxbridge academic CS Lewis said, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen; not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” For Lewis, knowing Jesus gave life clarity and purpose; everything was pointless without him.


Someone well worth knowing, don’t you think?





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