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• General instals Aussie officers

General Lyndon Buckingham instals Australian officers Colonels Geoff and Kalie Webb as territorial leaders of the Kenya West Territory.

As part of the world leaders’ visit to the Kenya West Territory, General Lyndon Buckingham installed Australian officers Colonels Geoff and Kalie Webb as leaders of the territory.

General Lyndon Buckingham spent time encouraging children and youth.

The General introduced the Webbs to the territory as people who promote holiness and love Jesus, and he charged all to support them.


General Lyndon and Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham led the Kenya West Territory’s celebrations of the Centenary of East Africa Territory from 22–25 February 2024.

The youth and their music was of interest to the leaders.

“Grateful for the incredible time in Kenya!” wrote the General. “We thank God for his unwavering faithfulness in this territory. We want to thank the officers of The Salvation Army in Kenya East and West for their dedication to the mission and ministry. It is truly inspiring.”

The world leaders interacted with Salvationists at the exhibitions.

During the opening celebrations, the international leaders encouraged the congregation to praise, worship and give thanks to God, asking him to guide them in the continuity of his Kingdom.

Colourful performances characterised the service, with a narration of the inception of The Salvation Army in Kenya, and later in Kenya West, dramatised by cadets. The world leaders viewed the musical extravaganza and the exhibitions from different divisions and districts. 

Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham addresses those gathered for the celebrations.

The next day, the Buckinghams led gatherings with retired officers and cadets and participated in rallies for men, women and youth.

On Sunday 25 February, the leaders saluted over 20,000 soldiers who marched through the streets and gathered for a holiness meeting.

Dignitaries from Kakamega County, led by the Governor, two members of Parliament and members of the County Assembly, supported the event.

More than 20,000 marched to the holiness meeting.

The General asked the Salvationists to remain a people of praise, prayer and the Word, who proclaim the gospel and are a holy people in a serving Army. Hundreds of soldiers flocked to the mercy seat and the General prayed for them.

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