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• Hobart medical partnership

Salvation Army State Manager of Homelessness and Housing Ben Moroney (left), Health With Dignity client Keith, and City of Hobart Housing and Homelessness Portfolio chair Cr Mike Dutta. Photo: Hobart Observer

The Salvation Army, the City of Hobart and the Hobart Airport are working to provide free general practitioner appointments to Hobart’s most vulnerable.

The Health With Dignity program provides free GP appointments to people who otherwise cannot afford to get the medical help they need.

The Salvation Army will book an appointment that suits the individual and will even accompany that person to the GP to support them and ensure the visit is a success.

“Health With Dignity assists the most vulnerable in our community, and there is no more worthy cause than that,” City of Hobart Housing and Homelessness Portfolio chair Councillor Mike Dutta said.

“Access to medical help is something that many of us can take for granted, but to be denied such assistance in a time of need due to costs or other factors would be extremely detrimental, both physically and mentally.”

Health With Dignity is for people in extreme need, aiming to support those exiting incarceration, living with homelessness, part of an existing support program or going through hardships or a domestic crisis.

“It is a simple but effective way to support vulnerable people in the Hobart community to access essential medical care, which they would otherwise likely go without,” Salvation Army Homelessness and Housing state manager Ben Moroney said.

“The Salvation Army extends its thanks to Hobart Airport and the City of Hobart for initiating this project and for their support, which enables us to manage the Health With Dignity project.”

The City of Hobart and Hobart Airport have both contributed $15,000 to fund the program.

This article first appeared in the Hobart Observer. Story and photo courtesy of the publication


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