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Hundreds gather for long-awaited NSW/ACT youth event

A recent NSW/ACT regional youth gathering involved a day at Jamberoo Recreation Park on the South Coast. (Below) Many of the 240 young people who attended took part in the evening service at Wollongong Corps.

Earlier this month, the youth and young adults team held its first large regional gathering since before COVID-19.

“It was amazing that we had engagement with more than 240 young people,” said Lauren Luiker from The Salvation Army’s National Youth and Young Adults team.

Many people from different corps travelled several hours to experience a day at Jamberoo Recreation Park in the Illawarra and a night service at Wollongong Corps.

Guest speaker, Shire Salvos Team Leader Mark Soper, shared the gospel, and several people responded. “We saw both salvation and recommitment that night across the room,” said Lauren.


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