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• IHQ Christmas exhibition

Gallery 101 at The Salvation Army’s International Headquarters in London is featuring an exhibition throughout December entitled ‘The Quiet Heart of Christmas’.

To view the exhibition online, click here.

Based on the Christmas message from General Lyndon Buckingham (available at on 20 December), the exhibition features the Christmas story from the perspective of each of the four gospels. It will operate through to 4 January 2024.

“Each of the gospels presents a different view of Christmas,” writes General Buckingham. “It’s easy for us to become so engaged with the trappings of the Christmas story. That may include things that we have become accustomed to, that are not even mentioned in any of the gospels. Instead, we can sometimes miss the quiet heart of Christmas as related in Scripture.

“This year, perhaps we can focus again on what the gospels actually tell us about the coming of Jesus. One who comes for those who are sinners and outcasts. One who comes to be King. One who comes to be Immanuel – God with us. One who comes to be our Saviour. One who has existed from all eternity.”

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