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Inspiring leaders to be their best

Karen Lattouf loves sharing the latest thinking on leadership development during the many workshops and seminars she runs.

With a background as a corps officer, chaplain and counsellor and with a Master of Business Administration, Karen Lattouf has all the eclectic skills for her role as Territorial Leadership Development Specialist.

Karen has been in the role since 2015, providing leadership training, coaching, mentoring, consulting to leaders across The Salvation Army, and pastoral supervision to officers and corps leaders.

“My hope and desire is to inspire Salvo leaders to support their people to be their best, to give them the best opportunity to flourish and shine,” Karen said. “So, I do what I can to create opportunities for leaders to be the best!”

Karen’s approach centres around asking challenging questions rather than telling, helping leaders reflect, learn and apply concepts to their unique situation, creating space for participants to learn from each other and sharing the latest thinking on leadership development.

“I try to make each interaction fit for purpose,” Karen said. “It’s more work for me, but I love creating light bulb moments and helping people build their capabilities.”

Karen running a leaders’ workshop.

Karen and her team have created a new Leadership and Management Development Program, which recently launched as a pilot program to help The Salvation Army respond to current and future needs. It explores the capabilities Salvo leaders need, whether they are new to the role or in positions where they are making the biggest decisions impacting our whole movement.

“Servant leadership is a central philosophy to The Salvation Army empowering our people,” Karen said. “We want to be effective now and sustainable into the future.”

“I would love people to know I am available because I am deeply passionate about inspiring people to be their best.”

Karen believes leaders get the best from their people when they listen well, have empathy, are relational rather than authoritarian, and show an interest in each person.

Karen’s role involves some travel since it is a national role, but it also has a strong online component. Karen has found the growth of online connections has made her more accessible.

“I would love people to know I am available because I am deeply passionate about inspiring people to be their best,” Karen said. “This role is right up there with the best job I’ve ever had!”

Salvo leaders can contact Karen to discuss ways she can support their leadership development.


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