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• International Prayer – Denmark and Greenland

The Australian Salvation Army video team filmed in Nuuk, Greenland, as part of the Self-Denial Appeal 2020.

Each week throughout this year, Salvationists around the world are uniting in prayer for a particular territory or region of The Salvation Army.

Prayer requests are shared by the focus territory/region to help us pray with precision and power for one another. 

This week we are praying for the Denmark and Greenland Territory:

·  We thank God that The Salvation Army meets people with God’s love and transformational power daily, and we pray that even more doors and opportunities will open.

The ‘Vintage and Redesign’ shop in Helsingør, Denmark, where craftspeople reinvent items of clothing and accessories to resell.

Please pray:

·  that we will have our focus on Jesus and be faithful to our first doctrine: “We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments were given by inspiration of God and that they only constitute the divine rule of Christian faith and practice.”

·   for ‘labourers for the harvest’ (Matthew 9:37-38) - that is, people who will serve in The Salvation Army and help us to lead people to (grow in) faith in Jesus.

·   for faithfulness in relationships and continuity in orders, so that all corps are built up in love for Jesus and for our neighbour.

·   that many more people will be discipled and choose to serve Jesus and their neighbour as soldiers and adherents in The Salvation Army, to the increase and strengthening of the Army.

·   for increase and faithfulness in the ministry of giving.

·   for the Greenlandic people and society, that God will raise them anew to be in his original plan and purpose for them.

·   for this summer's national camp for corps and families, that it will be a huge blessing for both ‘old’ and new people in the corps. Pray that all of the camps will be of tremendous blessing.

·   for the implementation of the territory’s strategy, based on our values and characteristics, that it will benefit our mission in all parts of The Salvation Army.

·   that we will succeed in the ongoing process of ensuring long-term financial sustainability that makes room for innovation and new initiatives.

To find out more about the Denmark and Greenland Territory, click here.

For more information on the International Prayer Focus 2024, and to download the calendar, click here.



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