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• International Prayer – Mozambique

This week, the international Salvation Army is praying for the Mozambique Territory. Photo by Deborah Varrie on Unsplash

Each week throughout this year, Salvationists around the world are uniting in prayer for a particular territory or region of The Salvation Army.


Prayer requests are shared by the focus territory/region to help us pray with precision and power for one another. 


This week we are praying for the Mozambique Territory.


We thank God for:

·       All the blessings of the past year – including the welcome of cadets and new territorial leaders

·       A new year full of hope.

Please pray for:

·       The territory to be able to implement its strategic plan

·       The unity and cooperation of all soldiers and officers for the growth of the territory

·       The finances of the territory

·       The self-sustainability of the territory.


 To find out more about the Mozambique Territory, click here.


For more information on the International Prayer Focus 2024, and to download the calendar, click here.



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