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• International prayer – Pakistan

The Pakistan Territory is praising God for his guidance and praying for ongoing direction as the nation grapples with many issues. Photo Pakistan Dr Muhammad-Amer on Unsplash.

Each week throughout this year, Salvationists around the world are uniting in prayer for a particular territory or region of The Salvation Army.


Prayer requests are shared by the focus territory/region to help us pray with precision and power for one another. 


This week we are praying for the Pakistan Territory.


2023 praise points:

·       Colonel Diana MacDonald's leadership as a woman leading Pakistan Territory in an Islamic country.

·       22 cadets were commissioned from the Reflectors of Holiness session in March.

·       Re-opening of Jhang district in April.

·       Opening of a new corps, Jinnah Abadi, in the Sahiwal Division.

·       Opening of a new society, Chastian, in the Sahiwal Division.

·       International appointment, Captains Humaira and Asher, in October.

·       15 cadets, the session of Champions of the Mission, entered training college.

·       Territorial review held in November.

·       Graduation of cohort 2 with a Certificate in Leadership Development in November.

Prayer requests:

·       Opening of new corps in the territory.

·       The work of The Salvation Army in Pakistan and spiritual revival in the territory.

·       The upcoming general election in February, and ongoing inflation and economic and political imbalance in the country.

·       Cadets from the Champions of Mission session.

·       Ongoing climate change.

Strategic Priorities:

·       Financial sustainability – We will move towards financial independence and sustainability, by promoting stewardship (including tithing) among our people by careful financial management, and promoting enterprise skills at the community level for reducing reliance on external sources of finance.

·       Discipleship – We will engage in theological education development at all levels for equipping of soldiers and officers.

·       Growth – We will open new plants, such as societies, and re-open some former mission units such as corps and social centres based on assessments of mission potential.

·       Relationships – We will develop new and existing relationships with government officials, and with other churches, at divisional and territorial levels.

·       Leader development – We will develop officers through effective succession planning, leadership development, and refresher courses.

For more information on the Pakistan Territory, click here.


For more information on the International Prayer Focus 2024, and to download the calendar, click here.



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