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• International Prayer – Sri Lanka Territory

The Sri Lanka Territory requests prayers from the international Salvation Army. Photo by Shashank Hudkar on Unsplash

Each week throughout this year, Salvationists around the world are uniting in prayer for a particular territory or region of The Salvation Army.


Prayer requests are shared by the focus territory/region to help us pray with precision and power for one another. 


This week we are praying for the Sri Lanka Territory. Two Australian officers, Majors Peter and Tara McGiugan, are currently serving in this territory.

Pray for Sri Lanka Territory

  • New territorial theme - a new strategic plan for the territory is in place and the theme is FOCUS - on Transformation. Please pray for its successful implementation throughout the territory.

  • Extension ministry - under the new strategic plan, our territory is continuing to extend the ministry to the administrative districts where there is no Army presence at present. Pray for the workers and new openings.

  • Officers and soldiers – we want to mobilise our officers and soldiers for the betterment of the territory. Pray for the spiritual renewal of all the officers and soldiers.

  • National elections – the presidential and parliament elections are about to take place this year. Pray for a fair and peaceful election and for the people to vote for right candidates.

  • Economic crisis – our country is in a bad situation as we were labelled a bankrupted country last year. Pray for economic stability through the efforts taken by the state.

To find out more about the Sri Lanka Territory, click here.

For more information on the International Prayer Focus 2024, and to download the calendar, click here.


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