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Jaiden helps build a healthy Brisbane community

Jaiden Ivers has been in the role of Community Engagement Worker at Brisbane City Temple for the past 18 months.


Building a healthy Brisbane community is the main goal for Jaiden Ivers, Brisbane City Temple Community Engagement Worker.

“It’s not a cliché to say we are better together,” Jaiden says. “We really do need each other, whether at the individual level or collaboration between services and organisations.”

In the 18 months Jaiden has been in the role, he has gone out of his way to connect with people.

“Everyone has a unique story and deserves to be seen and heard,” Jaiden says. “It is more than the traditional Aussie greeting of ‘How ya going?’ – but really listening, hearing them out and showing [people] they are loved and valued.”

Jaiden is heavily involved in helping out at the Salvos Doorways (emergency relief) program, responding to the needs of customers with food, grocery vouchers, and supporting the volunteers who engage with those in need. He is a constant friendly face and listening ear at the weekly Open House community space and meal and as part of the Mainly Music team.

An additional task for Jaiden is going to Moonyah, the Salvos’ Brisbane Recovery Services, where he leads groups exploring spirituality for those in the recovery program. Jaiden says a benefit of that activity is building relationships with participants there so that he is a friendly face when they leave to transition back into the Brisbane community.

Jaiden’s role involves building connections with other services and organisations that share a common goal of supporting Brisbane’s vulnerable populations. For example, Central Queensland University is located just across the road from Brisbane City Temple. Jaiden reached out to them to discuss how they could collaborate. He was invited to ‘pop-up’ lunches to talk with students and staff about the Salvos’ work.

Last year, university staff volunteered to collect donations for the Red Shield Appeal.

“I’m just here to try to bridge the gap for individuals and organisations,” Jaiden says. “I get to share the love of Jesus and help those who need it.”


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