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Linsell Lodge makes ‘Lifestyle’ choice in supporting Red Shield Appeal

Linsell Lodge is a thriving aged care centre in Adelaide's north that keeps its residents active by offering various activities, including events in support of the Red Shield Appeal.

The ‘Lifestyle’ team at Linsell Lodge Aged Care Centre in Adelaide has been keeping its residents busy with “big days out” as well as supporting the Red Shield Appeal.

Residents at The Salvation Army Aged Care complex look forward to the Red Shield Appeal every year and hold activities and fundraising ventures in support of nearby Arndale Corps.

“We have an ongoing relationship with our local Arndale Corps, so they usually get in contact with us and arrange for some of the red buckets,” Centre Manager Kate Parker said. “The event is quite dear to us because we do it every year.”

This year, the day included special guests and a ‘staff versus residents’ putt-putt golf day. “The corps officers at Arndale came to have afternoon tea with us (including Red Shield cupcakes), and they participated in most of the activities,” Kate said. “In the spirit of the Red Shield Appeal, residents and staff also dressed in red.”

Kate said this sort of event – organised by the centre’s Lifestyle Coordinator Lee Montgomery and chaplain Peter Anderson – was a tangible way to stay connected to the wider organisation.

“The main thing is that this isn’t just a one-off, this is something we do every year, and our connection to The Salvation Army and other expressions is something that we keep a focus on all the time. I think that’s very, very important that we do that as The Salvation Army Aged Care.”

The Angle Park complex offers many other activities and events throughout the year. However, visits to the op shops are most popular among the ladies.

Linsell Lodge residents Maureen, Pat and Lyla take a well-earned rest after their big day out op-shopping.

For Linsell Lodge resident Pat, she is stunned by the vast array of items available in an op-shop, such as books, china, and glassware. “They’ve got everything,” she says. “From being a library to having jewellery – you name it, it’s there!” Resident Lyla has also noted that she “has bought a couple of jumpers” – just in time for the wintery weather.

When it comes to planning the Lifestyle calendar, Lee explains that it is “pretty much driven by what the residents suggest” before stating, “We take a lot of input from what the ladies tell us, we have the Ladies’ Group once a month, so one month we will do something in-home and they will plan what they want to do for future days and outings.”

Resident Maureen has nothing but praise for the centre. “The carers, the staff – they’re all absolutely wonderful,” she says. Maureen also enjoys the days out, saying: “I like going out and having a good time. I love going out with the girls.”

For Maureen, there is also a rewarding feeling of giving back and being rewarded for this generosity. “The best part is, if you make a donation, you get a discount on what you buy, and if you show them your pension card, you still get a discount,” she said.


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