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Love, care and service to others

In his October devotional, General Lyndon Buckingham reflects on love, care and service as a way of worship.


One of the things that I love about The Salvation Army is that we’ve gained a reputation for being ‘Christianity with our sleeves rolled up’. Caring for people and serving others is part of the DNA of The Salvation Army.

Even in some of the most recent catastrophic events, The Salvation Army has been present there to lend a helping hand. We’ve always been about demonstrating the values of the Kingdom of God and not just talking about them. Serving, helping, caring for other people is a way in which we express our understanding of God’s love for us and our desire to demonstrate that by our care and love for others.

Jesus, when he was talking to his disciples, said to them, when you do this for the least of these, my brothers, you are doing it for me (Matthew 25:40). There’s this opportunity for us to see Christ in the people we are caring for, in the people we are serving in this way.

Actually, our service – whether it’s a sophisticated social program or whether it’s simply doing the dishes after church on a Sunday – all become acts of worship that bless our Heavenly Father and demonstrate our love for him.

Caring for people, serving people, is a way of worshiping our Heavenly Father. I’m praying for you this week that you will look for and engage in opportunities to love, care and serve.

This is who we are. God bless you.

To watch this devotional, click on the video below.


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