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• Merri-bek re-imagining

Major Rebecca Inglis affirms the appointments of the Merri-bek Salvos officer team. From left: Lieutenant Alison Templar, Lieutenant Steph Glover and Captain Meg Dale.

Merri-bek Corps in inner-northern Melbourne “took the next step in re-imagining ministry” as they gathered as one church yesterday at the Brunswick site that has been serving the community for 139 years.

Merri-bek Salvos and community members gathering for the meeting.

Major Rebecca Inglis, Area Officer, affirmed the new corps officer team in their appointments – Lieutenant Steph Glover, Lieutenant Alison Templar and Captain Meg Dale.

During the meeting, Meg and Alison shared their inspiring journey to faith in Jesus. “We also learnt what it looks like to join together in unity as diverse parts of the body of Christ, each using our God-given gifts and skills to do God’s work,” said Steph, who also serves as officer team leader.

Following the service, the congregation shared a barbecue lunch in the middle of the surrounding neighbourhood to get to know each other better.


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