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• Nominations begin for General

Sunbury Court in London, where Salvation Army leaders from around the world have gathered to elect a new General.

Over the past couple of days, the High Council agreed on all of the Orders of Procedure by which the next General will be elected.

High Council members have also finalised and approved the questions for both the candidates for General and his or her spouse (if married) to respond to.

Members were then invited to prayerfully make their nominations for candidates to accept the office of General. To become a candidate, a delegate must receive at least three nominations.

Please continue to cover the 2023 High Council in prayer. The High Council members are being deeply encouraged, enriched and blessed through your prayers. Find resources and a prayer guide for personal, small group or corps (church) prayer at

For detailed daily updates from the High Council, click here

You can also check out the ‘High Council 2023’ Facebook page.

For a comment from the High Council President, Commissioner Kenneth Hodder, and a reflection on the High Council from Colonel Elsa Oalang, Philippines, check out the video below.


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