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Officer retirements - 2021

We thank God for the following officers and their faithful and dedicated service and we pray for direction, grace, fulfilment and blessings in abundance for them in retirement.

The following officers are retiring in January 2021:

Effective 12 January Lieut-Colonel Ron Clinch, Mission Support Manager THQ Blackburn.

Effective 13 January Major Howard Trendell, Corps Officer - Victor Harbour (SA). Major Lance Sharp, Chaplain Community Aged Care Program (Vic.). Major Heather Sharp, Overseas Officer Support Secretary. Major Joyleen Stewart, Chaplain Children’s Court (Vic.).

31 January Envoy Keitha Marsh, Chaplain – Bridgehaven (Vic.). Major Norm Beckett, Area Officer (ACT/NSW South Coast).

The following officers are retiring in February 2021:

Effective 28 February Major David Palmer - Support Officer (NSW/ACT). Major Lea Palmer - Support Officer (NSW/ACT). Major Janette Shepherd - Chaplain James Barker House (Vic.). Major Kirsty McKenzie - Chaplain Retired Officers (Vic.). Major Sue Davies - (Qld).

The following officers are retiring in March 2021:

Effective 31 March 2021 Major Lindsay Reeves - Support Officer (NSW/ACT). Major Jennifer Anderson – Assistant Divisional Chaplaincy Manager (SA/NT).

Effective 30 April 2021 Major Karen Smith – Area Officer, South West, NSW/ACT Division.

Effective May 2021 Major David McMurray Major Yvonne Henderson – Corps Officer, Wynnum (QLD). Major Bruce Pratt – Divisional Finance Support Officer (QLD). Lieut-Colonel Bruce Stevens – Executive Officer – Investigations (Officer Personnel).

Effective July 2021 Majors Denis and Kathleen White Major Julie Schofield Major Robbin Moulds

The following officers are retiring in September 2021:

Effective 30 September 2021

Major Barry Casey and Major Rosslyn Casey – Secretaries for Spiritual Life Development. Major Sue May – Social Mission Chaplain, Top End Ministry Team. Major Lynette Jones – Corps Officer, Rosebud (Vic.).

Effective 31 December 2021 Major Dale Brooks Major Roslyn Brooks Captain Kathy Crombie Major Gary Grant Major Ed Henderson Captain Angela Locke Major Denise Parkinson Major Warren Parkinson


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