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Pedalling for a purpose on the Sunshine Coast

Pedalling for a good cause – (from left) Matt Seaman, Captain David Donaldson and Dean Morrison.

Captain David Donaldson and fellow Salvos Matt Seaman and Dean Morrison will ride 165km around the Sunshine Coast on Sunday 11 June to raise money for Nambour Corps’ Red Shield Appeal campaign.

“We will be aiming to ride between as many Salvation Army centres on the Sunshine Coast as possible on that day,” said Dean. “Between the three of us, there have been newborn babies, sickness and hospital visits, new work schedules and other complications that have challenged our preparation. But we are determined to crack on because what we are aiming to accomplish is more important than sore legs.”

Matt, the Nambour Corps bandmaster, agreed. “We see it first hand; we witness the hardship within our community, and this is a way for us to raise awareness and needed funds to help serve those who need it most.”

Dean Morrison, Captain David Donaldson and Matt Seaman getting set for their 165km ride on Sunday.

David said since the beginning of 2023, Nambour Corps had seen an increase in the number of people requiring assistance from The Salvation Army.

“Homelessness, basic food needs, domestic violence (both male and female), family breakdown and child welfare are some of the situations to which we serve,” David said.

“Without our volunteers, employees and the financial help of the Australian public, we would not have the same impact; we are very grateful. Sadly, we are seeing more and more people requiring help, and often, that help is simply to be listened to. So we ask people to please sponsor our June 11 ride.”

It is the fourth year the ride has been held and the first time for David. For the record, in 2020, Matt rode nearly 158km (7 hours, 1068m elevation gain) solo on one day between the main Salvo centres on the Sunshine Coast. In 2021, Dean and Matt rode 246km (11+hrs, 2675m elevation) over two days between 15 Salvos locations. In 2022, Matt rode 175km (8 hours, 1983m elevation) and Dean for 120km (5.5hrs, 1500m gain) in one day between those 15 Salvation Army locations. To contribute and help the team reach their $6000 goal, go to

Some information courtesy of an article in the Sunshine Valley Gazette


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