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Perth Salvos partner with Grill’d to feed the hungry

Salvation Army Homelessness Manager for WA, Kate Greenway, says the Grill’d partnership creates social inclusion opportunities.


For one night each month, Grill’d closes its restaurant on William Street in Perth to help feed anyone sleeping rough. The burger chain launched the program nationwide in April 2022, and more than 300 people are passing through its doors in Perth each month.


“For us, it’s not about the money; it’s really just about the need,” Grill’d WA Area Manager Ainslee Garnham says. “If you’ve got the ability to do it, why wouldn’t you? It’s a really nice opportunity for [rough sleepers] to have a normal dining experience.”


The Perth event is a partnership with Grill’d, St Vincent De Paul and The Salvation Army. The Salvos advertise and promote the event through its outreach teams and Doorways programs. As well as offering any burger and drink on the menu, the initiative helps bring people together.


“I think the people we work with that are rough-sleeping don’t feel very welcome in lots of places, and for Grill’d to be inviting them in with open arms is a really huge deal,” says Kate Greenway, The Salvation Army’s Homelessness Manager in WA. “Members of the Salvos Assertive Outreach Team attend each month to engage with the rough-sleeping community.”


Partnering with private businesses is critical as the need for homeless services continues to rise.


Last month, about 1300 people in Perth were without secure housing. Of those, 100 were newly homeless, 134 were young people under the age of 26, and more than 200 were aged over 55.


“In addition to providing a welcoming and safe space, this event provides an opportunity for vulnerable community members to enjoy a delicious meal with their friends,” Kate explains.


“Creating an opportunity for social inclusion and allowing those who attend to leave their troubles at the door, for a brief period at least, and enjoy a meal together.”


The once-a-month initiative is replicated in other capital cities around Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane restaurants.



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