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• Prayer for Myanmar

The Salvation Army in Australia is supporting the people of Myanmar in prayer.

After years of cruelty to their own people, just after Easter, the Myanmar junta’s air force dropped multiple bombs on a civilian gathering of several hundred people in Sagaing Region while attack helicopters strafed the crowd.

Later the same day, jet fighters returned to kill anyone left. On Sunday 30 April, 5pm (AEST), there will be an ecumenical and interfaith service supported by The Salvation Army, held at Collins Street Baptist Church, 174 Collins Street, Melbourne and live-streamed here.

Here is a prayer you may like to include in your Sunday meeting or use in your personal prayer time.

God of mercy and justice,

In love and sorrow, we pray for the people of Myanmar. We ask that those with power to end the violence will do so – that the perpetrators will turn and seek the way of truth and light.

We ask that the international community pressure the military junta to step aside and allow for a genuine democracy that will respect the wellbeing of all people in Myanmar.

Lord Jesus, may the people of Myanmar know your loving presence with them at this time. Help them to know your comfort and healing in their pain and grief. We long for the day when ‘“words are hammered into plowshares and when justice will roll on like a river and righteousness like a mighty stream”.

In the name of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.


Colonel Winsome Merrett

Chief Secretary


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