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• Red Shield report released

The Salvation Army Research and Outcomes Measurement team has released its 2024 Red Shield report with the title Cost of Living Squeeze.

The report explores the cost-of-living pressures, experiences of financial hardship, housing conditions and life challenges of community members who accessed the Army’s Doorways emergency relief services in the past year.

More than 1500 participants took part in the online survey.

The findings revealed experiences of severe financial hardships, with many struggling to manage on limited income. For most, the rising cost of living pressures were clear: unable to stretch finances to meet increasing household bills and afford rising rents, fuel prices and medical expenses. After paying for essentials such as housing and bills, most respondents left with just a few dollars a day to live on.

Experiences of severe food insecurity were common. Many respondents reported rationing or skipping meals, while others recounted completely running out of food. Family households struggling to make ends meet reported going without food so their children could eat.

Many people who accessed the Army’s Emergency Relief services over the past 12 months were profoundly impacted by experiences of financial hardship. Most respondents reported they would not have managed without the support of the Salvos.

To read the report, click here


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