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• Rotarian Jim on a roll

Rotarian Jim Rudling with some of the boxes of paper towel he delivered to Shire Salvos at Miranda, Sydney.

Sydney Rotarian Jim Rudling – a Red Shield Appeal volunteer for the past 40 years – has spent more than three decades giving fellow Aussies a helping hand through the work of Rotary and supporting various other organisations.

Although he’s retired from his paid job, Jim is busier than ever. Over the past month, he has driven the length and breadth of the city, giving away donated rolls of paper towel to charity organisations, including The Salvation Army.

“A neighbour of mine is a manager of a warehousing group, and they ended up with all these boxes of hand towels in their warehouse, which hadn’t been collected for the last few years, and they couldn’t contact the people that sent them to Australia,” said Jim.

“So, I borrowed a big trailer, and I started distributing them throughout the Sydney area. It took me about a month, and I got to meet amazing people like you Salvos along the way!”

Six hundred boxes full of rolls of paper hand towel – that’s a huge helping hand for organisations like The Salvation Army that provides food and grocery assistance to people struggling to make ends meet. Thanks Jim!

– Lauren Martin


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