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Salvationist Radio on your phone!

Salvationist Sam Davidson is the Audio Content Editor for the newly named Salvationist Radio initiative in the United Kingdom.

If you haven’t quite got enough Salvation Army to enjoy, now you can access it 24/7, wherever you are.

The United Kingdom and Ireland Territory have launched an app for their Salvationist Radio station, so you can now easily access music, interviews, podcasts and more on your phone or iPad or smart device wherever you are.

At the start of the COVID pandemic in 2020, two English Salvationists – Stuart Hall and Austin Burn – launched Fortress Radio. The web-based station played predominantly brass and songster music but also broadcast a Sunday meeting and prayer meeting. They were amateurs who had never worked in radio, but they saw a need during the COVID lockdown.

In late 2021, Stuart and Austin offered the station to the territory as they were, they confessed, starting to run out of energy and time for it. Territorial leadership agreed to take it on but also said they would like a rebrand and redirection of the station to offer more programming variety and more modern and diverse content.

Salvationist Sam Davidson was employed as the Audio Content Editor to focus on this ‘new’ station, and in February 2022, Fortress Radio officially became Salvationist Radio. Sam was already working for The Salvation Army’s ‘World of Sound’ recording studio as a sound engineer and project manager and has a great heart for Army mission.

Now, the station has launched its own app (just search for Salvationist Radio in your app store), which includes a weekly schedule, so you can see what shows are coming up.

This means you can quickly access Army music and programs, even on your phone. You can learn more about the station at and you can download the app now.


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