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• Salvos Funerals opens in Perth

Megan Maxfield says Salvos Funerals offer a different level of care than commercial services.

A new Salvos Funerals service has opened in Western Australia. Megan Maxfield has been with Salvos Funerals since 2021 and is now the Operations Manager for the service. Salvos Funerals offers distinct care for those grieving through its unique partnerships.


“We don’t have funeral homes as such; we partner with certain facilities and support our families through the process,” explains Megan. “We have different partners in different states, but this is our first location where we are working with a funeral home. No matter the partnership, our focus is on serving the families intentionally.”


Formerly a Salvation Army chaplain in the court system, Megan oversees Salvos Funerals in the Greater Sydney and Central Coast areas of New South Wales,  and Canberra and Queanbeyan, along with Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.


The new Perth partnership is with Greenfields Funerals in Port Kennedy, which serves families through ‘no service, no attendance’ direct cremations. Salvos Funerals is a compassionate and experienced team that can guide people through the funeral process with an affordable funeral that is a thoughtful blend of remembrance, celebration, and mourning.


“We work with the families differently,” Megan says. “The natural assumption is that because we’re The Salvation Army, we only serve the disadvantaged, but we serve families right across the board. There’s no one cohort of family we serve. It’s whoever finds us.”


Planning a loved one’s funeral includes everything from deciding on a burial or cremation to what to serve at a wake. Salvos Funerals helps families through these choices with special experience in repatriation and sending a loved one from the place where they have passed away to the country or state of birth.


“What we offer is a different level of care than commercial services,” Megan says. “We can go beyond what other services might be able to do, refer people to different supports and services, link them to pastoral care. Our care goes above and beyond.


Salvos Funerals are there for families dealing with grief and loss, knowing that the practical concerns don’t stop when the funeral is over. From legal advice to aged care services, Salvos Funerals can help in many practical ways and arrange for a death certificate to be sent promptly.


“It’s genuine compassion and not about the bottom dollar,” says Megan. “For us, it’s about mission. It’s mission that motivates us, connecting people with community and serving them in their darkest moments. That’s the real focus. What you’ll get from us is a quality service. It’s important that our families are served well. Our theme is on our business cards, it’s genuine compassion.


For more information, visit the Salvos Funerals website.


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