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• Shining the light in Kyiv

This weekend, staff and volunteers at Kyiv Mayak Corps will deliver much-needed aid to those struggling from the impacts of war.

The Mayak (Lighthouse) Corps in Kyiv, Ukraine, is constantly busy helping locals and internally displaced people (IDPs) whose lives have been disrupted by Russia’s invasion.

Many have seen their homes and livelihoods destroyed, their children uprooted and traumatised and their families separated. Many people have lost loved ones or have husbands, sons, fathers and friends fighting on the frontlines.

The corps across Ukraine are helping internally displaced people.

Staff and volunteers receive, unload and distribute food, bedding and other essentials for the constant flow of IDPs – many of whom are fleeing their homes in the face of bombs and missiles.

This Saturday, The Salvation Army will take clothing and shoes for both adults and children, as well as toys for the children, to an area that has been “under occupation for some time”.

Classes on basic Christianity continue at the corps.

The team is very grateful to all those who have assisted in collecting, sorting and transporting these essential supplies, including other corps, volunteers, and IDPs as well.

Corps programs also continue, including classes on basic Christianity.

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