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Solar project turns on the lights in Zimbabwe

The Salvation Army in Zimbabwe is using funds provided by International Headquarters to launch a solar panel project that aims to provide sustainable and cost-effective power sources.

Territorial Headquarters in Harare and Divisional Headquarters in Kadoma (Mashonaland West Province) have been working closely on the project.

Territorial Headquarters, which has a history of power outages, has welcomed the new solar panels to produce consistent power and reduce disruptions to work for employees and officers.

Kadoma’s Divisional Headquarters has been facing two main problems: finding a cost-effective power source and gaining access to clean running water. Previously, the headquarters relied on diesel generators to fuel essential services, which kept services running.

However, the generators were costly and unsustainable. The solar panels were recently installed and now provide enough electricity to power Salvation Army buildings and the electric pump for the bore.

Listen to the full story in the video above, or click here.


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