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• Teams assist after tornadoes

Salvation Army disaster relief teams on the ground to assist those directly impacted by the recent destructive tornadoes in the USA.

Salvation Army disaster assistance teams in the United States are on the ground in Omaha, Nebraska, after dozens of tornadoes tore through suburban and business areas, farmlands. 

Food trucks delivered meals to first responders and those cleaning up their properties.

Thankfully, despite a building collapsing with dozens of people inside, and the destruction of more than 150 homes, no fatalities have been reported.


The Salvation Army’s Disaster Assistance Centre in the Blair/Lakeland community is open all day and into the evening, serving breakfasts donated by McDonald’s and providing those impacted with assistance and support. Lunches and dinners will also be available, with Salvation Army meal trucks delivering meals to individuals and families in need around the Blair-Lakeland area as they continue working to clean up their properties in the wake of the storms.

The Salvos distributed food, water and other essential items.

Disaster relief teams have also been going from house to house, handing out food and bottled water and supporting recovery/clean-up efforts. They also teamed up with Raising Cane (fast food restaurant) to serve hundreds of meals to recovery workers, volunteers and community members in the area. 


In West Omaha, the drive-thru Disaster Relief Centre has been providing goods including bottled water, non-perishable foods, cleaning supplies, and personal-care items to those affected in the area.




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