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• Teamwork transforms Tony

Tony (centre) with Peter Hore (right) from Salvos Stores and Garry Buckley, Salvos Stores driver who graduated from The Salvation Army’s Recovery Centre, Canberra.

“It’s been good to see how far Tony has come from when we first started working with him over a year ago,” said Peter Hore, Griffith Family Store manager. “It’s definitely been a team effort, with the Griffith Corps, Family Store and Homelessness team working together.”

Peter has been working for over a year with Tony, a young man from the community who has been volunteering at the Griffith Family Store in south-west NSW, to pay off his outstanding fines under the Work and Development Order program and as a Community Service Order under correction services.

This week, with the help of Judy Tamanisave, Team Leader – Homelessness Murrumbidgee, and her team from Salvos Housing, Tony will be moving into one of the bedsits on the corps property.

“It was challenging for our Homelessness team due to Tony having no form of identification, which was his choice, but after seeing how grateful he was, he couldn't thank The Salvation Army enough,” Peter said. “It just goes to show how great things can happen and what we can achieve when we work as one.

“Now Tony will have a safe place to sleep, and somewhere he can call home. With the help of other organisations in the area that also want to help Tony because of the impact The Salvation Army has had on him, the sky is the limit for him if he chooses it.

“Correction Services are happy to help him with starting the process of recovering or replacing his documents and identification. The local branch of APM Employment, which assists people in finding work, improving their health and wellbeing and participating in their community, will help with any training or courses that Tony needs to gain employment.

“The Linking Communities Network, with the help of our Homelessness team, managed to get Tony into a motel for the night due to the bedsit needing to be cleaned before he can move in.”

The Homelessness team will continue to work with Tony to help him achieve his goals. Major Lyn Cathcart, Griffith Corps Officer, will continue assisting Tony in the Positive Lifestyle Program and the Family Store will help Tony replace his clothing.

“This is what can happen when we work together,” said Peter.


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